Buy Italy VPS Server to Expand Your Business by Onlive Server

Cheap Italy VPS Server to expand your business! Italy VPS Server offers the cheap yet effective solution in upgrading the storage of your website or increasing the amount of bandwidth with having multiple servers at one location. You can easily upgrade by just adding more servers at the same location or increasing the servers at different locations around Italy! Enjoy being your own boss with our reliable and easy-to-use web hosting services!  As a reseller, you want to make money. You want your company to expand quickly and as fast as possible. So, in order for that expansion to happen, you need a lot of storage space. And that’s exactly what Italy VPS Server offers: more than of space, at prices starting at around $15 per month for 12 months! That’s an amazing opportunity, especially considering most other companies offer only of space and they charge twice as much!

You can run a wide variety of web applications and services on an Italy virtual private server (VPS) hosting package. You can also store files in cloud storage, which is kept online and secured by your hosting company. Because Italy servers are housed in secure data centers, they are less likely to experience downtime than a standalone computer at home or in an office cubicle. If you want more control over your web presence or require additional storage, an Italy VPS server is your best option for expansion.

Instant Setup

To setup your server, all you need is your desired operating system and then you can connect it with a dedicated IP address. It takes few minutes for an instant setup of Italy VPS Hosting. We also provide different hosting packages such as Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux dedicated server with numerous hardware specifications. You will get many extra features like domain name registration and web-based control panel at very low price.

Fast Service

The most important reason why Italy VPS Server is best for you is that our service is fast. We provide a cheap Italy VPS server for our customers. This helps customers save money and time, especially when they need their website or system to work as quickly as possible. When there are problems with a hosted computer system, businesses lose more than just productivity—they lose money if those problems lead to lost sales.

Operating System

Debian is one of the most popular Linux distributions in terms of popularity. Debian has a reputation for being fairly flexible, and it’s very common in many businesses, especially those with heavier hardware requirements. A downside is that Debian can be less user-friendly than other options, so it’s not as easy to set up and manage as some other virtual servers.

Control Panel

You can have full control of Italy VPS Servers. You can monitor them, update them, and reboot them in just a few clicks. With Italy VPS real-time statistic and control panel, even a newbie IT engineer can manage Italy VPS Servers with ease.


One of the main benefits of a virtual private server is its security. With a physical server, you have to worry about malware and other hacking attempts, but with a virtual private server you don’t have that risk. Because it resides in a data center and not on your physical hardware, it can be locked down to provide added security for important applications. Italy offers free DDOS protection for your site with any purchase! You also get 24/7 customer support and free web hosting when buying from us.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All of Italy VPS come with unlimited bandwidth and traffic, which means that you can handle a heavy flow of data without having to worry about network speed or technical obstacles. This means more time for what really matters—growing your business.

Full Root Access

When you buy a Italy VPS Server, you will get full root access. Root access is very important for a web hosting service because it means that nothing can stop you from adding more services and software on your Linux machine. You have complete control over everything on your server and there’s no need to worry about licensing or anything else that would restrict what software and services you can install.

Support Team

Many customers of asked us why they need a VPS server. So, here is our answer. A good web hosting service provider will make sure that your website can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world 24/7. Your web hosting service provider must offer high availability of network and 99.99% network uptime guarantee, so that your website can be continuously accessed by users in all corners of our planet.